Lower Back Injury

I have had a lower back and hip flexor injury for the best part of two years. It has healed and been re-injured multiple times. During a backpacking trip in the fall of 2008, I could barely finish due to pain and discomfort levels. I had had enough. I got some exercises from some physical therapists and dutifully did them; result, more pain.

Then I met Scott. The treatment started off with a head to toe evaluation and together we came up with a treatment plan that would work for my busy life. Within the first couple of sessions I noticed huge improvement as Scott applied his healer’s knowledge to my battered body. Acupuncture, massage, heat, adjustments—all working within my comfort level.

I recently got back from a three-week trip overseas; I climbed volcanoes, I ran on beaches, and I felt no pain. I would recommend Dr Scott Tesoro to anyone. His attention to patient care is excellent, his knowledge and skills as a healer transcend the average chiropractor. He truly is in a class of his own.

Cheers Scott for all your good work.

~ Jamie

Prenatal Care

Dr. Jill was amazing for my prenatal chiropractic care. We connected straight away and I felt confident with her knowledge of the body and her specialty with women’s health. She will be my chiropractor for all my postnatal needs as well, because she cares and she rocks.

– Amanada

Dr. Jill Cameron was amazing for my prenatal chiropractic care !! If it wasn’t for her I would not have been able to walk through out my pregnancy!!! What a blessing to have her !!

– Jordan

Scott Tesoro helped me through lower back issues while pregnant with my second child. He and Jill continue to assist me with reclaiming my back health post par tum. His approach is holistic and he employs many techniques including acupressure and dry needling with the ultimate goal of helping you be a healthier you. Both Scott and Jill show a great deal of knowledge, competence and enthusiasm.


Sports Injury

Scott and Jill never fail to put me back together after I have done something stupid while out playing (crashing motorcycles, playing hockey, over training). They keep me moving well so I can keep enjoying all the activities I do.


Shoulder Injury

Dr. Scott and Dr. Jill pay incredible attention to detail. Its refreshing to find doctors who really listen and take a holistic approach. I recommend them highly!


Mom & Daughter Care

Dr Scott is fantastic! I started working with him after having my first child. He helped get me back on track after pregnancy and early motherhood. I was very uneasy about chiropractic work but Dr Scott was empathetic and immediately put my mind at ease. I have also worked with Dr Jill who is wonderful! I wish I knew of her before and during pregnancy because I know it would have made a big difference. Dr Jill also works regularly with my toddler and is a natural with children. My toddler loves seeing Jill and the chiropractic work has such a positive impact on her.

– Brooke & Olivia


My first pair of orthotics from Scott Tesoro, DC surpassed my highest hopes. I had been suffering mild pain and numbness starting in my toes while running for years, and severe pain and increased numbness for many months. After trying months of physical therapy, massage, yoga, and new shoes, I finally called Dr. Tesoro. I trusted his meticulous assessment and measurements and two weeks later was wearing my new orthotics. I didn’t have time to break them in gently as recommended; I took them straight to Asia for two months of walking, hiking, and running. And, for the first time in years I was pain-free! I would never have believed it was possible with such a simple solution.

As a lovely unexpected bonus, my foot size and shape did not change during my pregnancy, as it does for so many women. I think this is because I wore the orthotics everywhere and all the time!

I recently bought a second pair – one for my house shoes and one to switch around in my various out-and-about shoes – and to my delight, they fit just as comfortably as my first pair. I am still running and hiking with no problems at all! Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get a pair just for my cycling shoes (when my children are old enough to let me mountain bike again!)

Thank you Dr. Tesoro for allowing me to continue trail running and living pain-free!

-Anita, Mom and Massage Therapist

Maintenance Care

When I moved to Colorado I needed to find a chiropractor as soon as possible. Luckily I was referred to Dr. Scott and he has helped me out so much. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of chiropractic and always seems to get rid of any aches and pains I may have every time I see him. I would recommend Dr. Scott to anyone looking for a very professional and caring chiropractor.


Scott does great work. I have seen plenty of chiropractors over the years and he is by far the best.


Health Issues

I have been working with Scott to address various health issues for several years now. I find him to be warm and personable, completely professional and very knowledgeable. Scott’s approach to health care offers his patients natural, research-based methods that emphasize nutrition, exercises and adjustments that ensure proper alignment and optimal functioning.

I have always been more than satisfied with the results of my work with him and truly feel that he has my best interest at heart. I can think of multiple occasions where he and his team have gone to extra lengths to ensure superior care for me. I also know I can count on him to educate me about my health and his recommendations so I can learn along the way. This is something I value a great deal. My family and I will continue to turn to Scott whenever health issues arise for years to come.

– Mia, Psychotherapist

Chronic Condition

In my mid twenties, I sustained a back injury that only a Chiropractic adjustment brought me relief and allowed me to function normally again. I am now 65 and have lived in four different states, consequently I have been treated by many Chiropractors. I was in serious need of an adjustment when I first met Dr. Scott Tesoro, 14 years ago. Young and handsome, he looked like he had just graduated from high school. What a pleasant surprise, this young Dr. was not only very gentle and effective but obviously really cared about his patients. It is truly to my benefit and pleasure to have been under his care for these past years. I can say without hesitation that Dr. Scott Tesoro is the best Chiropractor that has treated me. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of Chiropractic care, and I often do.

Marble, Colorado
September 16, 2009