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Posted on 10-18-2016

For millennia mothers have been birthing naturally, and one of the greatest challenges in the West is reassuring an innate trust in a women’s ability to birth in a natural way. Pressure from all different directions; websites, social media and books, quietly increase fear and anxiety around pregnancy and the birthing process. Pregnancy isn’t an illness or diseases and shouldn’t be treated as such. To treat a mom-to-be in this manner only adds emotional stress and strain to her body which should be calm, happy and well-connected to their support network (spouse, partner, family and friends) and ultimately the newest member to be, their baby.

There is a paradigm shift from moms giving up all control in a fear inducing environment, to finding their inner strength with an emphasis on trusting her innate birthing potential and body’s natural instinct.  Today’s moms are more educated and informed than ever before, taking a stand to seek out professionals who will support their decision to birth naturally.

As a pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic, I am on a mission to make pregnancy and birth safer, healthier and happier for the families of our community. I am a little bias in thinking all moms should have chiropractic care during their pregnancy to increase the likelihood of a natural pregnancy, but here are a few points to support that. Chiropractic down to it’s core focuses on decreasing the interference within the Nervous System, which happens to be the master system of the body controlling every cell, tissue and organ of the body. Chiropractic helps to provide structural balance and stability for the mother as she goes through one of the biggest changes her body will ever experience. This will result in a more comfortable pregnancy.

Research studies show that pregnant mothers who received chiropractic care during their pregnancy tend to have shorted labor, less pain and a decrease in medical interventions.

Lastly, Moms with a properly functioning nervous system allow for less in-utero constraint making a better and more comfortable environment for the newborn, allowing them to get the absolute best start at life.

My goal is to equip the moms of our community with the knowledge and body awareness to take on their pregnancy with less fear and more confidence. Women are powerful beyond measure and have the right to a say in how their birth goes. By ensuring their body is functioning, adapting and healing at its greatest potential alongside a supportive birth team, family and friends are the perfect ingredients for a vital pregnancy and birth.

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association is a wonderful resource for families and families-to-be. We are here for you and your family and we would love to see you in the office to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth!

Dr. Jill



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