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Orthotics can play an important role in the treatment of such problems as planar [orthotics] fascitis, heel pain, hammer toes, bunions, ankle sprains and other foot conditions.  Addressing foot function can also help knee and hip disorders.  As well, because of the connection between foot, hip, and low back mechanics, orthotics often aid chronic back conditions.

Dr. Tesoro’s expertise in orthotic therapy is recognized by his patients and heath care professionals.  Physical therapists, M.D.s, personal trainers and other chiropractors all refer their clients and patients to Dr. Tesoro for custom orthotics because of his comprehensive approach and his exceptional understanding of foot and leg mechanics.

An orthotic evaluation consists of a detailed examination of the foot, ankle and related joints, a gait analysis typically performed on a treadmill to evaluate the complicated movement patterns of the feet, legs and back, a pedograph print to examine pressure distribution and finally, a state of the art foot impression to capture the unique shape of an individual’s feet. 

Because various orthotic labs specialize in different types of orthotics, Dr. Tesoro works with three labs—Xtreme Footworks, Sole Supports, and Langer Biomechanics Group—to provide custom orthotics that will perform optimally for each individual’s needs.

Because our orthotics are customized for your feet, we often make slight adjustments to them after the initial wearing. Therefore, follow-up visits are included in the purchase price of our orthotics.  Although most people appreciate their orthotics immediately, if an orthotic does not work for you, we will refund your money.